Du Vegan

Freedom of choice

How you choose to eat, how you choose to live, and your views on the environment, animal cruelty and fashion are deeply personal.  At TANYA HEATH Paris our shoes are made of leather. 

Our leathers for the most part, come from European-bread livestock and French and Italian tanneries that respect the highest world standards on chemicals in tanning.  It goes without saying that we only use leathers from animals that are part of the food chain, meaning we will not use leathers from animals bread only for their skins.  A "python" look at TANYA HEATH Paris is a lambskin or cow skin that has been treated to look like python, not an actual python. 

We are deeply committed to offering choice to people who refuse to wear animal based products and after 3 years of trying TANYA HEATH Paris has launched a small but growing line of vegan shoes and boots.  We would not have taken this step unless we believed that the vegan line was as beautiful as all of the other shoes in the TANYA HEATH Paris collection and we sincerely hope that you agree.