Disrupting the shoe industry

With the click of a heel

Canadian-born, Tanya works and lives in Paris with her three children, a small cat and her husband who commutes between Paris and London. 

She studied and worked in Canada and Europe and her career was largely in technology and innovation, preparing her well for her role as founder of TANYA HEATH Paris.

Tanya's designs are timeless and stylish and they are meant to empower a unique, multi-faceted, modern woman, weather she is climbing the corporate ladder, boarding a plane, taking tiny steps or making a giant leap forward. Tanya's goal is that no woman should be held back by un-comfortable shoes.

Tanya is the inventor of the shoe with removable heels and the first persone in the world to sell heels as an accessory.  She is a frequent guest speaker where she shares her experience of start-ups, entrapraneurship as a woman and dissruptive innovation.  Tanya has successfully changed pre-conceived notions within the shoe industry and the company is enfused with her work ethic and values.