Meet the shoes

Meet the shoes !

The multiheight shoe

Look at the shoes and then look again.  Would you ever guess we are a comfort brand?  Each and every shoe that we make is an engineering feat and the result of years of R&D but we don’t give it away with our styling that veers from timeless to fashionable. 

Whether you are wearing a pump, a sandal, a bootie or a boot you are now part of the TANYA HEATH Paris revolution!

Each shoe has a button on the inside near the heel.  Press on it and you can slip out your heel and exchange it for exactly the style, height and color that you want, so you won’t ever have to choose between comfort and elegance again. 

Every shoe designed by TANYA HEATH Paris fits into one of our 3 collections.

  • The POWER collection is for the office and beyond… 
  • The LIBERTY collection features the best in Parisian casual chic.  
  • The SEDUCTION collection is perfect for a ceremony or a night on the town. 

Styling in all 3 collections is deliberately day-to-night, casual to dressy and versatile enough to go from here to there.

When we were developing our unique technology we learnt that the heel click is actually based on a male female joint and we have had a lot of fun with this concept.  All of our shoes are named after women; people who inspire us or who have helped move the company forward.  In the same way the heels are named after men.  Together the shoe and the heel work as one so that you can live your busy day in comfort and style.