Made in France

Made in France 

Le Talon Français

Since 2012 TANYA HEATH Paris has sold a lot of heels!  In fact we sell on average 4 pairs of heels for every pair of shoes.  These heels are a challenge to produce because they have to be precise, reliable, clip on and off perfectly at all times and look good! 

To make sure that we are offering our clients the best possible heels that meet our exacting quality standards we bought the best heel factory in France, which we have named Le Talon Français.

There are significant advantages to owning our own heel factory not the least that we can minutely control color and style.  It also lets us continue to innovate and since acquiring the factory we have been able to develop new heel styles in record time AND create a unique new heel tip that dramatically reduces the noise the high heels make when walking.

France has always been renowned for luxury, fashion and expert craftsmanship that has made women the world over dream.  France is also a global leader in engineering. These seemingly disparate traditions have found voice in TANYA HEATH Paris and this expertise goes into every pair of our, shoes and heels.   We use only the finest French and Italian leathers so as to ensure the highest possible quality and a resolutely French style and all of our shoes are made in the historic Loire Valley, right next to our heel factory.