Made in Europe

Made in Europe 

Quality, craftsmanship, values

Since 2012 TANYA HEATH Paris has sold a lot of heels!  In fact we sell on average 3 pairs of heels for every pair of shoes.
These heels are a challenge to produce because they have to be precise, reliable, clip on and off perfectly and look good! 

To make sure that we are offering our clients the best possible heels that meet our exacting quality standards we produce, test and hand-finish, every single heel and every single heel mechanism here, in France. 

Our shoes are handmade in France and Portugal so as to ensure the highest possible product quality not to mention fair wages for fair work. 

We source our leathers from European-bread livestock, and French and Italian tanneries, that respect the highest environmental standards.  It goes without saying that we only use leathers from animals that are part of the food chain, meaning we will not use leathers from animals that have been bread only for their skins. 

For example a "python" look at TANYA HEATH Paris, is a leather that has been treated to look like python, not an actual snake.