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About the brand

Innovation by a woman, for women

Since first experiencing painful stilettoes, and not wanting to wear flats for the rest of her life, Tanya dreamed of creating a high-heeled shoe that would look good, feel good, and that could take her where she needed to go in security, comfort and style.

Without knowing if the dream was even possible, and with no prior footwear experience, Tanya embarked on a quest to create a multiple height shoe with interchangeable heels that would look stylish and that could adapt to her busy, ever changing, and unpredictable day. 

It took a total of 3 years of research and development, 14 engineers, 3 shoe designers and technicians, not to mention several prototypes that didn’t work, but her tenacity paid off!  Tanya has created a complete line of footwear, including pumps, sandals, boots and even vegan styles, where you can switch out the heel whenever you need to.  Change from a 4 cm walking heel to an 8 cm high heel with the click of a button and get 3 times more use and endless fashion possibilities with one pair of shoes.

Tanya believes no woman should be held back by inappropriate footwear and with her revolutionary interchangeable heels, they won’t be.