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About the brand

From idea to reality

Tanya creates her unique line of adjustable height shoes with removable heels, for women who like her, are busy, uncompromising, playful, and smart.  

Tanya is a true high heel lover because they make her look great and feel confident.  Sadly, they hurt her feet but comfort shoes just didn’t look right with a cocktail dress or her favorite skinny jeans, which made changing shoes throughout the day the only credible solution.  But this meant a heap of shoes underneath her desk at work, lugging around an extra pair when she went out, and extra luggage even if she was going on a short trip.

Frustrated by footwear choices that simply could not keep up with her busy life, Tanya decided to revolutionize women’s shoes by creating a shoe that could adapt to her multifaceted life.   

In 2009 she quit her job and took the plunge to try to find a way of making her dream shoe become a reality. 

It took her 3 years of research and development, working with over 14 multi-disciplinary engineers and 6 shoe designers and technicians but in the end her persistence paid off! 

Every shoe and removable heel in the TANYA HEATH Paris collection merges innovation with expert craftsmanship resulting in the ultimate shoe for the modern active woman. 

With the click of a button, you can transform a walking shoe into a pair of stilettos and back again.  The heels don’t just take you from here to there; they also change your style. A work pump can go from the office to after work drinks and dinner with the simple click of a heel. 

The collection includes a wide range of pumps, sandals, low boots and boots and hundreds of heels featuring different colors, styles, textures, motifs and heights.  The possibilities are endless and your style and self-expression will know no limits. 

With TANYA HEATH Paris your footwear can finally be as intelligent, fun, and beautiful as you are!