Lauren Black Velvet-Vegan

There was a twinge of excitement in the store when we finally tried on Lauren Black Vegan-Velvet, the first thigh-high model that we have ever designed! Lauren is part of our Seduction collection and by wearing it you acknowledge its cold outside but you are telling winter that you don’t really care.
All of our shoes are sold without a heel so that you can create your very own dream combination by adding the heel in the height, color, finish and style that exactly meets your needs and fulfills your desires. The combinations are endless.
Lauren Black Velvet-Vegan
Lauren is a strong style, consequently we named it after an archetypical woman, Lauren Becall, know for her beauty but also for her mind and convictions! Tanya has admired her since she was a child particularly when she read up on her engagement against McCarthyism.
Lauren has a drawstring at the top so you can adjust the fit to suit your thighs. The vegan velour is slightly elastic so Lauren should fit many leg sizes. When paired with a skirt or dress we find it looks like your tights have heels!
Upper: Vegan Velour
No lining
Insole plastic and rubber
made in Europe

TANYA HEATH Paris lets you do two things:
- Enjoy adjustable height! You can wear all of our shoes with any heel height you want, weather it’s a low walking heel or a high stiletto.
- Personalize your shoe by custom creating exactly what you want!
All of our shoes and heels are sold separately. First you choose your shoe, and then you choose the heels in the exact height, color, finish and style that you want. If you are already a TANYA HEATH Paris client you can build on your collection by buying heels and shoes separately.
Like all of our shoes and heels this product is made in Europe. This model is vegan in keeping with our desire to offer our vegan clients a credible high-fashion footwear choice.
Fitting advice:
Lauren Black Vegan Velours has a standard fit and is made of slightly elastic material so go ahead and order your normal size.
Like all of our shoes this model has been designed for optimal comfort. In addition to being made of soft leather and the instant relief you feel when you switch between high, medium and low heels (the multi-height promise) we use foot beds made of memory foam which will cushion you while you walk.
We also make sure that regardless of which heel height you choose you won’t slip and fall, the sole on this shoe has been coated in rubber so it will even resist a sprint in the rain.
All our shoes come equipped with a heel platform where you can click your heels on and off. The heel platform is colored black to add to the versatility of the shoe in terms of the number of heel combinations that work well. The heel platform has been made to withstand up to 5000 heel changes and is good for a weight of up to 400kg.
Feel free to personalize your look with virtually any of our removable heels! Lauren Black Vegan-Velvet looks good with almost all the heel colors and wraps that we offer and the full range of heel heights and styles.

For extra elegance and to give the shoe added sensuality Lauren Black Vegan-Velvet features platinum piping, which puts extra emphasis on your heels! This platinum is not a “jewelers” platinum, rather it is a fashion color that can be considered a light or cold gold. We use this color in the piping because it goes well with our gold metallic heels but it can also be matched with the pink metallic or the silver metallic heels so feel free to indulge!
Shoes are meant to be worn, and TANYA HEATH Paris offers both wardrobe staples and investment pieces so you want to take care of them!
Colored soles will wear out with use. This is not a manufacturing defect. It is simply normal wear and tear.
TANYA HEATH Paris recommends that you consult a cobbler if you have a doubt about how to take care of specific leather so you have the best professional advice.
For daily upkeep of your shoes and heels TANYA HEATH Paris recommends the following:
• Keep the leather clean by wiping with a soft dry cloth
• Store shoes away from the light as light can fade the leather color
• Don’t hesitate to use commercial sprays to waterproof your shoes and leather heels
• When travelling always pack your shoes in the TANYA HEATH Paris dust bag that we provide in the box
• Painted heels can be run under water and gently wiped to keep them clean
• Be very careful with your leather wrapped heels. We recommend storing them in their pouches and not wearing them out in the mud.
• Avoid walking on grills, abrasive surfaces and splashing in puddles, even if your model is waterproof.

These conversions are only indications; they might change depending on your foot.

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